Уважаемые родители. С 17 сентября 2012 г. в нашем центре открываются группы полного дня, с пребыванием ребенка в центре с 9-00 до 19-00. Запись идет приходите будем рады видеть Вас.

Инклюзивное образование

Здравствуйте. Очень заинтересовался вашим центром, но возникают некоторые сомнения. В связи с этим хотел бы получить ответ на вопрос такого характера: Сад, который мы посещали до этого, в прошлом году начал работу по програме инклюзивного образования. Соответственно, в сад начали приниматься дети с психичискими отклонениями и всевозможными нарушениями. Я конечно всё понимаю и все держат обе руки вверх за эту программу, но не чревато ли это для вполне здоровых детей? На протяжении всего времени прибывания в этом саду моего ребёнка , я переживал, как бы моя дочь не получила психологической травмы. Дети в саду с такими отклонениями(а особенно некоторые индивидумы) не давали никакого житья не только детям, но и некоторым педагогам. Совершенно не управляемы. Сановится страшно, за здоровье своего ребёнка. Как я понял вы работаете по анологичной программе. Вопрос. Насколько безопасно психологическое здоровье моего ребёнка?

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Интересный ресурс захожу сюда иногда ознакомиться с новеньким.

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Beijing in the "eleven Golden Week " ushered in the peak travel period. According to the Beijing Municipal Tourism Cheap Beats Commission statistics, Beijing major scenic spots in October 3rd a total of 1059000 visitors, compared to 2 rise 1.64%, become this long Beijing tourism new peak. The Imperial Palace today tourists is still high, received 141000 major scenic spots, ranked first.
Beijing each big park scenic spots during the holiday three days ago has received more than 1 million visitors, Museum of Beijing the Imperial Palace tourists in 2 ushered in the blowout, broke through 180000 person-time, than last year the corresponding period increase 6 thousand much person-time, refresh the maximum daily capacity record. Today the Imperial Palace reception capacity of 141000, although in 2 it has slightly declined, but compared with the same period last year is still a lot more. It is reported, in recent years the " Golden Week " tourism peak, the Imperial Palace daily reception of tourists amount almost broke through 100000 Cheap Beats person-time. Rentoucuandong, jostle one another on the way has become to describe the " Golden Week " during the the Imperial Palace the most appropriate words.
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According to the major tourist amount of time a preliminary analysis, the Beijing Tourism Commission launched " the scenic tour comfort index report " issued from time to time, flow distribution, convenient for people to choose time reference to comfort beats by dre cheap tour. 3 of the latest news shows, the Imperial Palace, the Summer Palace, Tiantan Park, Badaling, Houhai and other popular attractions, in the morning 10 am to 3 pm time Cheap Beats by Dreslot tours have congestion, attractions surrounding traffic flow increased, traffic often jams or suspended state.

Chinese Ministry of public security Entry-Exit Administration Bureau deputy director Qu Yunhai 14, said here, the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of foreign affairs is working on a related management methods, considering relaxing for China " green card" and the threshold condition.
Qu Yunhai on the same day in Washington about China 's policy on overseas Chinese Affairs and regulations research said, at present the majority of foreign personnel, including overseas Chinese to Cheap Beats By Dre China " green card " system put forward many opinions, generally want to reduce China's " green card" application threshold, expand the "green card" extend range.
He said, now the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of foreign affairs is working on relevant management measures " issued Casque Beats By Dre a green card, to consider further expanded the scope of. The near future the way out, estimation will let you feel the great change ".
In 2004 August, China began formal implementation of "green card" system, not only Cheap Beats to attract foreign high-level talents and investment business, engaged in the cause of science and technology, but also to meet some foreigners like the urgent requirement of permanent residence in china.
Statistics show that, by the end of 2011, China held "green card " expatriates over 4700 people. According to the regulations, access to China's "green card ", expatriates in China Beats By Dre Cheap stay unrestricted access to China, frontier without passport and visa, " green card " to exit.
Qu Yunhai said, this year in June, China enacted the new " entry and exit management law " come on stage formally. In this department will be in July 1st next year to implement laws, to foreigners in China permanent residence conditions made principle provision, and authorized the Ministry of public security, formulate specific administrative measures for the examination and approval of Ministry of foreign affairs, so as to the next step to relax for a green card, reduce the threshold condition of approval remove legal obstacles.

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